Women, Finance, & the Future

According to Oxfam’s annual research report on inequality, 22 men own more wealth than Africa’s 326 million women combined. According to The Gender Gap in Financial Literacy: A Global Perspective; only 26% of adults in Nigeria are financially literate. My vision is to see more women financially independent and in control of their wealth and my mission is to educate women on how they can prioritize their finances, help them grow, protect and maintain their wealth, help them think about inter-generational wealth transfer, give them the tools to take control of their investing. The goal is to provide a holistic approach and really understand women’s needs, knowledge base, earnings, lifespan, behaviour, etc. and incorporate these into their asset allocation.

I am British Nigerian, and passionate about empowering women when it comes to financial independence. I remember growing up in Nigeria and every Friday I would visit my grandma in the township. She was a gold trader and would often buy gold from Ghana and sell in Nigeria. On Fridays, I would follow her to the bank to deposit some Gold; and in the evening she would gather around other women under the cashew tree and talk about their week. They would donate some money and give this money to a handful of women who needed it most for their specific goals. These women would then pay back at some point with some interest. Here I understood the basics and empowering women via money and the power of communities.

Working in the financial sector in London, it was and is still very much evidently male in its structures and systems. I began to speak with many women and carried out interviews and surveys and it became apparent that most women are left behind when it comes to investing and that, has to do with the gap on financial literacy in women as well as low confidence when it came to investing for their future. They were also keen in having a platform without stereotypes to invest confidently. I spoke to these women and they felt comfortable speaking with me as I was also one of them in that, despite my high level of education and financial literacy I was still not confident till I sought a coach. Being a black woman, I represented to them, the minority of being a woman and also being black. I began coaching women and educating them on financial literacy and also building their confidence hence the birth of Rukz Capital Partners.

Rukz Capital empowers you to attain financial independence irrespective of your income towards having a responsible and sustainable future for yourselves and your generations to come. We provide a holistic approach to investing in financial and non-financial assets. We recognise the differences between women and men and we target separately in terms of financial knowledge, financial behaviour, and financial needs.
We provide coaching to build your confidence and help you become more financially literate; advisory to allocate your money according to your goals into different asset classes to ensure you reach your financial goals. We help you to attain financial independence.

Contact us at Rukz Capital: modupe@rukzcp.com


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