Webinar 15 September: Market review on wheeling and electricity trading in Southern Africa

Wheeling is a scalable solution to creating a stable electricity supply industry within the southern African region.

While wheeling does not necessarily mean that the electrons entering the transmission network at point A will be used at point B, it is a solution to balancing the energy from the generator with the end-user load.  

Now that South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy will be gazetting the amendment to Schedule 2 of the country’s Electricity Regulation Act that pushes the self-generation threshold up to 100MW, it is timeous to review how wheeling operates and what changes can be anticipated within the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

What attendees will learn 

  • The role of SAPP 
    • Day ahead market and balancing market impact 
    • Methodology of cross border tariffs  
  • Lessons from successful SAPP wheeling deals 
  • Lessons from an interconnector operator 
  • Possible SAPP impact on RSA wheeling 
    • SAPP membership for RSA buyers / IPPs 

Join ESI Africa and Enlit Africa as moderator Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, ESI Africa editor, chats with the guest speakers and addresses your questions to the panel.

Guest speaker
– Robert Futter, Executive Director, Cresco Group

To register click on the link below for more details

Source: EsiAfrica

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