The past few decades have been absolutely game-changing for the entire world. The way we lived for centuries was completely changed following the spread of digital technologies across the globe.

Today, everyone owns a smartphone and other smart devices, such as smartwatches, television sets, and even smart coffee machines or fridges. The influence of technology on our daily lives is huge and it is only getting bigger each and every day. 

What we are witnessing now truly is a major technological transformation, driven by decades of innovation and novelty. There are more research universities and technological hubs working on digital solutions than ever before. The process of digital transformation is what really sets trends in the 21st century. Technology has become a sector that attracts millions of people around the world. 

The wave of mass and rapid digitalization has affected industries from some of the oldest to newly emerged ones. For instance, the financial industry has seen a massive change from the early 2000s. Today, practically all mainstream financial transactions happen through the web, in a matter of seconds. Every commercial bank offers a mobile or a web platform to its customers, providing efficient and convenient services. 

The entertainment industry is also almost completely dependent on technology and its advancements. Every type of entertainment from streaming services to games and literature are available for smartphones. Buying a physical book is quite a last century trend when one can easily purchase an online version for just a fraction of the original price. 

As a result of the increasing popularity of eBooks, a growing number of educational institutions have started refusing the use of physical books. On one hand, this makes the learning process more convenient for students while on the other hand, it helps in the fight against climate change by reducing the use of paper. 

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