South Africa’s Gold Fields to Incorporate Renewable Energy at Australian Mining Operations

Oil rig and off shore wind turbine

Johannesburg-based Gold Fields – one of the world’s largest gold mining firms – has invested AUD110 million in renewable energy and battery storage at its Australian mining operations.

Gold Fields Executive Vice President for Australasia, Stuart Matthews announced last week that the company aims to incorporate renewable energy at its St. Ives gold project in Western Australia.

The company has spent AUD70 million on the introduction of a wind and solar power and battery storage at its Agnew gold mine in Western Australia, which includes an 18 MW wind farm, a 10 710 panel 4 MW solar farm, a 13 MW/4 MWh battery energy storage system, and an off-grid 12 MW gas-diesel engine power plant.

Matthews noted that Gold Fields will continue to invest AUD80-100 million per annum to grow its reserve base in Australia.

“There is no intent to stop that level of investment,” Matthews said, adding, “We’re investing $37 million (AUD) per annum on exploration at St. Ives and $24 million (AUD) at Agnew and we’ve been rewarded for that by not just replacing depletion every year, but now providing a lot of growth.”

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Source: EnergyCapitalPower

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