“Solar Mamas” Training Program Brings Solar Power to Rural Communities in Cameroon

Yellow safety helmet on solar cell panel

In an attempt to promote the economic development of women and facilitate an environment for social change in Africa, the Rural Women Development Center (RUWDEC) has established a program whereby training is provided for women for the maintenance of solar panels and other equipment – including those with no background in engineering. The program aims to provide solar power to rural communities in rural Anglophone Cameroon.

These solar engineers, known as “Solar Mamas”, attend a six-month training program at Barefoot College in India. The program provides a visual-learning program to, mostly illiterate, women living in rural areas, providing them with the skills to build, install, and maintain solar panels and provide a renewable source of energy to their communities.

Bringing solar power to Cameroon’s rural communities, which are mostly reliant on kerosene lamps and woodfires, is an important step towards providing universal access to electricity in the west-central African country.

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Source: EnergyCapitalReport

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