Senegal’s Energy Shift: From Heavy Fuels to Renewables and Natural Gas

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The Senegalese Government has prioritized the development of the national electricity sector as part of its Emerging Senegal Plan (or Plan Sénégal Emergent), which intends to transform the country into an emerging market by 2025. Specifically, Senegal’s leadership hopes to attain universal access to electricity by 2025 by combining on- and off-grid alternatives. Lowering the cost of power generation by reducing reliance on imported liquid fuels and boosting energy access – particularly in rural regions – are among the government’s top priorities. The West African nation is home to tremendous solar and wind power potential, along with vast offshore natural gas reserves, as demonstrated by several key projects that are either in development or have recently come online.

Cap des Biches Combined-Cycle Power Project – 300 MW

The government of Senegal formally placed the foundation stone for the 300-MW Cap des Biches gas-fired power plant project with the award of a contract to GE last January to supply gas power production equipment. Under the scope of the contract, GE will provide two 9E.03 gas turbines, one STF-A200 steam turbine, three A39 generators and two Heat Recovery Steam Generators, among other plant equipment. The project is planned to start operating in stages next year, supporting Senegal’s goal of increasing power generation capacity via gas utilization.

The Cap des Biches project is expected to be the largest power plant in Senegal upon completion, with the capacity to generate approximately 25% of the country’s electricity needs and enough to power up to 500,000 homes. In turn, the project will enable the country to move closer to its objective of universal energy access by 2025. In 2019, Senegal had a rural electrification rate of 53.9%, a substantial increase from its rural electrification rate of just 11% one year earlier.

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