Recycling firm switches to solar PV to help tackle climate change

One of the largest recyclers of plastics in Africa, Extrupet, commenced operation of their brand new 1.3MWp solar power plant, which was built in collaboration with Solarise Africa and NEC XON.

Extrupet recycles more than four million PET bottles every day at their Wadeville facility in South Africa.

The 1.3MWp solar plant has an annual generation capacity of 2GWh and will reduce its carbon emissions by 1,800 tonnes every year, which is equal to the carbon sequestered by just under 31,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Vijay Naidu, joint managing director at Extrupet, said: “Climate change is the greatest existential threat ever faced by humanity. It is the duty of every organisation to change the way it does business and adopt eco-friendly practices to help reduce climate change.

“Being one of the pioneering recycling companies in Africa, everything we do is dedicated to building a greener tomorrow. We are always looking at new ways to reduce energy expenditure and decrease our impact on the environment, and a switch to solar energy was the next logical step towards a sustainable future.”

The recycling company started its solar journey with Solarise Africa and NEC XON two years ago and today is one of the first companies in the recycling industry to adopt solar power. “This is a significant investment, and we challenge other industries to do the same. We look forward to a very long and fruitful relationship with Solarise Africa and NEC XON,” Naidu said.

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Source: EsiAfrica

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