Name: Nike Anani

Profession: Consultant

Industry: Management Consulting

Education: BSc Economics – University College London, UK

Years of Service: 1

Country of Residence: Nigeria


“A few years ago a friend of mine’s father died prematurely. He had a terminal illness that killed him within 6 months. My friend was in her mid-20s at the
time and was devastated. Beyond having to grieve her father who she was so
close to, she was in a precarious situation where the family’s financial
security was wiped. Her dad had been the breadwinner, and no one in the family
had knowledge of his business. His assets unfortunately were not well-protected,
and people claiming to be his children surfaced and alleged ownership to his
properties. Ironically, my friend’s dad’s death was my wake-up call, to want to see more resilient family enterprises, on our continent. 
A resilient family enterprise will not collapse, as a result of death, incapacitation, economic shocks, and change in regulation or technology. It may be thrown off course for a little while and may have to course-correct, however it will still withstand whatever adversity it faces.


So today I assist African business families in building multigenerational African
businesses and multigenerational wealth, by coaching and mentoring “NextGens”
i.e. second generation family members.

I have almost a decade of experience working as an insider, working as a next
generation family member in my parents’ businesses, and separately as a
co-founder with my husband. 
Prior to my journey in family businesses, I worked in Deloitte UK in Corporate Tax International.

Therefore, I am like a connector – between first generation and second-generation family members, between advisers and family, and between the West and Africa.

These various perspectives have greatly enriched my walk.”


Nike is the author of
“Building Resilient Family Enterprises”. She is a member of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants England and Wales, Institute of Directors, Family Firm
Institute and a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. She sits on
the boards of several companies.