Nigeria’s illegal refiners take quality edge

Imports into Nigeria of gasoline and diesel are of worse quality than fuels produced from illegal refineries in the Niger Delta, a new study from Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) has reported.

The SDN study drew a comparison between “official” products, legally imported into the country, versus “unofficial” products, made in simple refineries using crude stolen from pipelines. The group took 91 samples of diesel, gasoline and kerosene in 2019, from fuel stations in Rivers and Bayelsa states and Lagos.

Originally, the official fuels were intended to be used as a control for the study but SDN’s Calvin Laing noted that there were “concerning results” from these products.

Samples of unofficial diesel were reported as having sulphur levels of 1,523 parts per million, while official samples contained 2,044 ppm of sulphur. One official sample from an Oando station in Port Harcourt saw sulphur concentration of 3,020 ppm.

Levels were lower for gasoline, at 401 ppm from the unofficial sources and 429 ppm for official.

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Source: EnergyVoice


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