Nigerian innovator develops a self-charging system for electric vehicles

The production and sales volumes of electric vehicles are growing year on year as more people embrace the new technology. But in the way of a wider global adoption are significant hurdles, chief among them is a lack of infrastructure to charge the vehicles.

Samuel Ajiboyede, a Nigerian innovator and CEO of  Zido Freight & Logistics, has a solution; a charge-on-the-go system for electric vehicles using what he calls the “Harnod regenerative energy” concept.

“I remember experimenting with this as a young engineering undergraduate,” Ajiboyede told TechCabal. “It’s a method I think stakeholders in the EV auto industry should think about and perhaps run with.” 

The idea of charging on the go for electric vehicles isn’t novel. The flagship vehicle of Germany-based Sono Motor, Sion, is encased with solar cells that allow it to self-charge while moving. French carmaker Renault is also exploring dynamic induction, where the road could supply electricity to EVs driving on it.

The Harnod concept, Ajiboyede explained, takes a different approach. It holds that every rotational motion can be converted into electrical energy, independent of the source of the motion. 

Applied to EVs, it means some percentage of the energy being used can be regenerated and sent back to charge the battery, at every point the car is in motion.

According to Ajiboyede, adopting the concept for EVs would result in longer driving times. 

“Users would not have to bother about having high-capacity batteries but rather the percentage of the power being returned to the battery.”

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Source: TechCabal

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