Mozambique to be featured at Macau Forum’s Cultural Week

The works of Mozambican painter José Estêvão Manhiça will be on display, starting this Friday, in Macau, as part of the 13th Cultural Week of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Entitled “Different Encounters”, this exhibition will be the fourth in the series “Policromias lusófonas” (Lusophone Polychromy), which visits various fields of visual arts by authors from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, East Timor and Macau, according to the website of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Forum Macau).

Macau at night

The works on display “represent different phases of the artist’s artistic life”, who “in keeping with the role of human coexistence for the well-being of society, also seeks to convey a critical and educational message that will serve as a lesson to new generations”.

Previously, the plastic works by Ana Jacinto Nunes (Portugal), Eduardo Bentub (Cape Verde) and Guilherme Carvalho (São Tomé and Príncipe) have passed through Forum Macau’s gallery.

After Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau will feature next with painter Ismael Hipólito Djata, between 23 September and 10 October.

The works of José Estevão Manhiça will be on display until the 19th of this month, at the same time in-person workshops on dances (Tufo, Xigugo and Marrabenta) and traditional games (Pindjonce, Neca and N’Txuvha), organized by the Association of the Friends of Mozambique in Macau.

The 13th Cultural Week of the Macau Forum, in offline and online format, runs until 31 December.

Source: FurtherAfrica

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