Mozambique: Mphanda Nkuwa hydropower complex to produce energy by 2030

Mozambique’s government estimates that the Mphanda Nkuwa hydroelectric complex, to be built 60 kilometres downstream from the Cahora Bassa dam in Tete province, will start generating power in 2030.

The project includes a 1,600 kilometre power transmission line between Tete and Maputo, with a projected capacity of approximately 1,500 megawatts, and the government expects construction, estimated at between US$4.5 and 5 billion, to take about six years.

According to Deputy Minister of Justice Filimão Suaze, spokesperson for the session of the Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, the government took into consideration the general structuring of the project, adding that the search for a consultant to study the energy market to be generated by the dam was underway.

Tuesday’s Council of Ministers session also approved a decree establishing an inspection system for works and bridges, to be carried out by technicians from the road and bridge sector or by the agency responsible for the road network in the respective area of jurisdiction.

The Cabinet also approved a decree on systems to guide, regulate and facilitate the certification of skills and professional qualifications, as well as provide social and formal recognition of acquired qualifications, through lifelong learning processes, in work contexts, including non-formal and informal training.

Also in that session, the Executive approved the Professional Technical Education Action Plan, which defines the immediate, short and medium-term needs of institutions in the field, with a view to mobilizing support from social partners for the revitalisation of this specific education sector.

Source: FurtherAfrica

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