Mobile solar energy storage unit developer gets a $1.4 million grant

Battery and energy storage firm, AceOn has been awarded a $1.4 million grant from the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst 8 Fund to accelerate development work on its mobile solar energy storage unit. The new mobile solar energy storage unit has massive potential to bring clean power to the people of Africa.

The newly-designed product will use Sheffield-based Faradion’s sodium-ion batteries – the first time its technology is in commercial use in sub-Saharan Africa. 

AceOn will be working in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, DZP Technologies, a specialist battery materials development company, and Nigeria-based energy and power company Nevadic Limited to deliver the innovative government-backed project. 

Mark Thompson, AceOn’s group managing director, stated that the new solar energy storage unit could bring clean, sustainable and affordable power to millions of people around the globe – and that the company was leading the world in adopting the next-generation sodium-ion technology. 

 “Sodium-ion represents a real step-change in technology and we really are leading the way in finding one of the first commercial applications for it in Africa. Our mobile storage unit will play a massive part in bringing clean, affordable and sustainable power to some of the world’s poorest regions — and develop new technology that will help fight climate change all over the world. It is fantastic that the government, through Innovate UK, sees the huge potential of this technology and have placed their confidence and funding in us here at AceOn to deliver it successfully.“

“The funding is to develop this technology to integrate with solar energy generation to provide affordable, safe power for use initially in Nigeria. But our plan is to roll this out to a truly global market to answer the urgent need for clean, sustainable energy.”

Dave Nwosu, Chief Executive Officer for Nevadic Ltd, commented that Nigeria is a perfect test-bed for developing this technology — the country has “soaring electricity prices, there is a clear need for innovation in energy supply, and lessons learnt from this project will be shared with other countries.” 

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Source: EsiAfrica

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