Meet Chinedu Echeruo Co-founder of the Love and Magic Company

Chinedu Echeruo a serial entrepreneur is co-founder of the Love and Magic Company. During the aughts, he created Hopstop, a pioneering travel app that helped millions of users navigate public transportation in major metropolitan areas around the world, Apple Inc acquired the solution. As a special feature in our Amplified interview series, Chinedu discusses his work’s creative process today, partnerships, and view on innovation in the world.

(VC) The phrase “Love conquers all” has been said all over. But some experts in interpersonal communications would say everyone or every client has their love language. What are your general thoughts on this given the name Love & Magic?

(Chinedu)I suspect what we mean by “Love conquers all” is that in the finality of our human experience, Love will be the most meaningful of our stories. We chose to call our business Love & Magic Company because we believe human consciousness, intention, and information are real resources that can be used to solve human problems, start and grow companies and make our collective stories come true. We show leaders how to tap into human imagination and then mechanize it to manifest the abundance they want in their business and community.

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