Kenyan logistics startup Sendy unveils the country’s first electric vehicle

In order to tackle zero-carbon mobility in Nairobi, Sendy has now launched its first electric vehicle fleet.

For the last-mile delivery option, the Kenyan logistics firm worked with electric vehicle manufacturer ARC to put out 3-wheeler electric vehicles.

Sendy and ARC have agreed to purchase four electric tuk-tuks for the duration of the two-month test experiment.

Sendy plans to add more vehicles to their fleet by the end of the year as they expand their service around Nairobi.

According to Sendy, the main purpose is to help reduce the county’s carbon footprint, a move that a number of ride-hailing and delivery companies in Kenya have already taken.

“3-wheeler electric cars are suited for all kinds of business demands that require last-mile deliveries,” Mesh Alloys, Sendy’s founder and CEO, said of the initiative.

The 3W EVs are becoming increasingly crucial in the final mile section, and they will assist us in lowering delivery costs for our consumers while maintaining a clean environment.

This collaboration with ARC Ride is a forward-thinking investment that will pave the way for transformation in Kenya’s last-mile delivery.”

The company’s decision to use electric tuk-tuks has been linked to a lack of large electric trucks or minivans, which could be pricey to maintain.

Source: Furtherafrica

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