How to Use MTN Mobile Money to buy Apps on Google Play Store

Technology continues to be more beneficial to the everyday person when it offers seamless integration. Here in Ghana, MTN Mobile Money remains one of the biggest payment options. Therefore, whenever the service expands to accommodate more payment options, it feels good.

Since 2018, MTN Mobile Money has integrated with Google Payments so that you can purchase apps and other Google Products and Services via mobile money.

In a country where a lot of individuals do not have a bank account, and with the difficulty of getting credit cards and debit cards to work for online transactions, the push to integrate mobile money with Google Payments on mobile is laudable. To enjoy the service, you must have your MTN Mobile Money registered SIM in the phone you are registering on, and make sure you are in your preferred Google Account.

How to Use MTN MoMo to make payments on Google Play Store

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device by tapping the Play Store icon
  2. Tap the menu icon to the left and select Account
  3. Tap Payment Methods
  4. Choose MTN Mobile Money
  5. An SMS confirmation will be sent, wait for it. (You will not be charged for the SMS)
  6. After confirmation, fill in your Name, Street Address and City
  7. Click Save to complete the process
  8. Once done, you can now start buying apps and games on the Play Store.

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