How to Start Investing: Purpose And Planning

We are so excited to announce our Investment for Beginners virtual workshops! If you would like to learn how to invest in #stocks #bonds #mutualfunds #etfs #indexfunds #realestate #retirementaccounts and so much more, these courses are perfect for you!  It is our mission at

PaceUP Invest to equip you with the skills to build lasting wealth, and these webinars are perfect for beginners.  You will learn how to choose investments, how to have an investing strategy that’s tailored to your risk appetite, discover investing platforms and so much more. 

During the Q&A, you can get more personalised answers.  Buy the bundle for €34.99 or one course for €24.99 by clicking the link above.  The courses are being taught by Rukayyat Modupe Kolawole, CFA. EMBA, a wealth manager and financial advisor with 14 years’ experience in investment banking.  This course is open to beginners of all stages, whether in #university, starting your #career or near #retirement It is chock full of practical information that’ll make you feel like an investing pro in just two hours. 

Are you ready to start investing?

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