Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter’s backup power during load-shedding

A few backup lights and a small battery-inverter system that can last for the typical duration of load-shedding are the backup power solutions Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter uses at home. The CEO recently spoke to MyBroadband about his personal views and experience of load-shedding as a South African citizen.

De Ruyter said that South Africans had every right to be angry about load-shedding, as it was a failure to fully deliver on a promise to provide a reliable electricity supply for more than thirteen years. “It is now common cause that load-shedding occurred as a consequence of some of the poor decisions this company and country have made over the years,” De Ruyter said. “It will take years to correct the problems caused by poor maintenance and repairing the design defects of the new power stations and to fully recover the performance of the generation fleet.”

De Ruyter said his family and those of the Eskom management team had been negatively affected by load-shedding, just like every South African household. “Consequently, we had to make some investments in backup lights and have changed the way we work to adapt to this reality,” he stated. While he didn’t state exactly which types of backup lights, several bulbs fitted with small batteries to charge when power is available and emit light during load-shedding are available in South Africa.

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Source: Mybroadband

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