Energy: The Nigeria Country Spotlight (video)

Nigeria is one of Africa’s economic powerhouse and usually, oil and gas are what comes to mind when most people think about the country. However, the country has been quietly making great progress in extending its electrical grid particularly to reinforce its agricultural capabilities – a strategy that is on the top of the agenda for most African governments.

FurtherAfrica’s founder Fabio Scala spoke with Anita Otubu on day one of the 2021 Power and Electricity World Africa about the developments of Nigeria in bringing solutions to deliver greater access to electricity to its population.

Anita Otubu is the Head of the Programme Management Unit of the NEP – the Nigerian Electrification Project – a project backed by the World Bank and the African Development Bank. The goal is to accelerate the private market for the development of mini-grids and captive power plants as well as for the deployment of solar home systems.

Enjoy the video and join 2021 Power and Electricity World Africa to enjoy other insightful conversations with key players making a difference in the continent’s energy marketplace.

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Source: FurtherAfrica

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