EcoFlow DELTAMAX – A power supply for South Africans

South Africans are no strangers to the challenge of power cuts and with no end to load-shedding in sight, many are turning to alternative power solutions.

EcoFlow creates the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live and explore without limits, and has recently launched one of its most powerful new power stations – the DELTAMAX.

The portable DELTAMAX power station is one of EcoFlow’s premium products and thanks to its portability, it can be used as a power source at any location.

Its incredible success on Kickstarter last month – where the project has already achieved over 87 times the original funding goal – highlights its importance to the market and shows why it is the best option for your power needs.

Battery capacity and charging

The EcoFlow DELTAMAX’s scalable battery capacity is ideal for South African users.

It has a 2kWh capacity that can be expanded to an incredible 6kWh by connecting with DELTAMAX’s Smart Extra Batteries – enabling you to keep the lights on at home during extended power interruptions.

EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology also allows the DELTAMAX to power devices up to 3,400W, which makes the DELTAMAX sufficient for high-power use cases, such as for running a film set, or for general home use – including several power-hungry devices such as fridges and stoves.

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