Driving the energy transition in West and Central Africa

With an ever-expanding population, countries in West and Central Africa are facing a rising demand for power. Aggreko, a supplier of temporary power generation equipment and temperature control equipment, believes that increasing demand provides an opportunity to introduce an improved energy mix to aid these regions’ journey to reduce carbon emissions and their energy transition.

According to Kweku Frempong, recently appointed as area general manager for West and Central Africa (WACA) at Aggreko, as countries look to increase their energy generation capacity it is critical to look at flexible commercial and technical solutions that incorporate a mix of thermal and renewable resources.

“As a global organisation we have already made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions and use of diesel fuel with customers by 50% by 2030 and achieving net-zero across our fleet by 2050. We are also working closely with our partners to deliver flexible and cost-effective financing models for most of our customers as a sustainable financing model is a key ingredient in solving the energy issues in the region,” he said.

Kweku adds that along with the move to using alternative fuel sources in the region, there is also an aggressive push for decentralised power on the continent, especially in remote areas with small populations where it is not cost-effective to connect them to the grid. “We have seen growth in micro and minigrids in most parts of Africa and this is playing a critical role in ensuring energy security and supporting failing infrastructure.”

Countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria have long faced long periods with no investment in the grid and transmission and distribution lines. “The lack of investment into the grids in these countries have led to a lot more power outages,” he says. “It is estimated that there is a 60% funding gap between the current demands and the funds available to bridge that gap.”

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Source: EsiAfrica

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