Bill seeking 13% oil derivation paid to host communities passes first reading

A Bill seeking to pay the 13 percent oil derivation funds, directly to oil producing host communities, has passed first reading on the floor of the House of Representatives.

If passed into law, the 13 percent derivation funds will be paid directly to the host communities of each benefiting states through the Host Communities Development Commissions.

A section of the bill recommended that “failure of any state to establish the Host Communities Development Commission shall be deemed as an offence, and such a state shall forfeit 30 percent of her monthly benefit from the 13 percent derivation fund, till such a time that the Commission is established.”

Sponsor of the Bill, Hon. Doctor Farah Dagogo, representing Degema/Bonny Federal Constituency from Rivers State, said the bill ‘Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Amendment) Bill, 2021 (HB. 1570)’, is intended to address and correct the injustices the oil producing communities have been experiencing.

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Source: SweetCrudeReports

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