Angola, Ghana Strengthen Bilateral Trade and Investment Through MoU

Angolan Head of State H.E. President João Lourenҫo recently conducted a two-day diplomatic visit to Ghana whereby the two nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase economic ties through accelerated trade and investment. With Angola interested in leveraging Ghana’s mining and cocoa experience, and Ghana seeking partnerships to expand its oil and gas sector, the MoU is expected to drive cooperation, creating new trade and investment opportunities between the two nations.

The MoU seeks to address the reduction in trade between the two nations, attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, by focusing on renewed bilateral cooperation. By identifying lucrative investment opportunities across both countries, Angola and Ghana aim to enhance strategic partnerships, driving multi-sector growth and knowledge-sharing.

Identifying suitable partners in Angola has been one of the main challenges for Ghanaian business owners and investors. According to Rui Livramento, Trade Attache at the Embassy of Angola in Ghana, “there is a high interest of Ghanaians in Angolan products, but they have difficulties in identifying Angola partners that can offer the products on a constant basis.”

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Source: EnergyCapitalPower

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