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Niger gears up for nation’s first-ever wind farm, eventually one of Africa’s largest

Source: ESIafrica

Savannah Energy PLC and the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies of the Republic of Niger have signed an agreement for the construction and operation of the country’s first wind farm, which is expected to be one of the largest wind farms in Africa.

The proposed wind farm project, Parc Eolien de la Tarka will aim for an installed power generation capacity of 250MW. It will be created by an independent power producer in the Tahoua region of southern Niger. The farm will consist of 60 wind turbines and will be owned by a subsidiary of Savannah Energy, Savannah Parck Eolien de la Tarka (SPET).

The initial phase of the Project will see SPET carry out a 24-month feasibility study. This study will include an assessment to confirm the wind conditions and how the generated power would be incorporated into the national and regional electricity grids.

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Source: ESIafrica

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