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Google invests in cybersecurity as users in Africa grow

Source: Furtherafrica

African governments must adopt cybersecurity strategies to enable collaboration and trust between the security, civilian and private sector stakeholders

Only 17 countries in Africa have completed a national cybersecurity strategy
An estimated 6.2 million IP internet addresses were stolen from the Mauritius-based African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), Africa’s non-profit regional internet numbers registry
The stolen IPv4 addresses value stood at US$150 million, representing 5 per cent of all the IPv4 addresses in Africa
Cyber insecurity in Africa is posing threats and challenges, from espionage, cyberbullying, data breaching, damage, stealing and manipulation, computer viruses and denial of service among others.

The lack of a functioning agency to act on creating something as fundamental as protecting Africa’s IP addresses is a direct threat to the continent’s internet access, freedom, and information sovereignty.

Source: Furtherafrica

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