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How technology advances the growth of hydro generators in Africa

Source: ESIafrica

Power shortage is an important global issue – one that is no stranger to residents of the African continent. However, Africa is blessed with abundant water resources and has become heavily dependent on hydroelectric generators for power generation.

Though developed nations have discovered alternative renewable power sources, Africa is lagging behind. According to the World Bank, one in three Africans does not have access to electricity. Not only does this keep people in darkness for hours, but it also impedes the economic growth of the region.

Moreover, more Africans will be left in the dark by 2030 if no measures are taken to resolve the power shortage. People in sub-Saharan Africa are expected to be hit the hardest.

Thus, the continent plans to undertake initiatives to maximise its water resources, generate electricity and provide clean energy to rural and underdeveloped areas.

Source: ESIafrica

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