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Meet Amanda Spann Ceo tiphub

Amanda Spann launched tiphub in 2014 to support technology and social enterprise-led innovation in African markets. For tiphub, purpose and profit walk hand in hand. Providing its clients with funding, mentors, business training, consulting services, and an accelerator programme, the business aims to increase the number of socially-driven investments in Africa. 

Taking a ‘community first’ approach, Spann is ensuring that venture capital funds are being made available to business owners in remote areas. With advancements in technology allowing companies to easily operate from different cities to their clients or customers, in addition to the issue of costly shared resources like the internet and office utilities, tiphub believes that the future for startups isn’t city-based. 

Led by Spannwho was named one of the 30 Most Important Women in Tech Under 30 by Business Insider and a Future Leader in Technology by Black Enterprise Magazinetiphub is making waves in the African social entrepreneurship realm. 

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Meet Amanda Spann Ceo tiphub

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