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Senelec to Commission 120 MW Power Plant in Senegal

The National Electricity Company of Senegal (Sénélec) will commission its 120 MW Malicounda power station in September this year.

As part of Senegal’s Gas-to-Power initiative, the Malicounda power station is expected to transition to a domestic gas plant, which will lead to a reduction in production costs and improved distribution of electricity in Senegal. Construction of the $428 million project is 95% complete according to co-developer, Matelec Group.

Samy Soughayar, general manager of Matelec noted that this achievement is an example of the partnerships between the state and foreign developers and is expected to contribute to facilitating access to electricity for Senegal’s population, with the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Sophie Gladima noting, “The private sector has made significant efforts in this area to ensure that all municipalities in the country are covered.”

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Source: EnergyCapitalPower

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