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Oman, Ethiopia seek to boost trade

Investment opportunities in food grains, cash crops, livestock, horticulture, minerals, and energy in Oman and Ethiopia will be discussed between the two countries during their investment forum, which takes place on May 25.

“The Ethiopia-Oman Trade and Investment Virtual Forum will provide a valuable opportunity to get first-hand information about trade and investment opportunities in Ethiopia as well as serve as a platform for the Ethiopian and Omani investors and business community to interact and network with their counterparts,” said Dr Ayrorit Mohammed Yassin, the Ambassador of Ethiopia to Oman.
“The event focuses on import and export trade between Ethiopia and Oman,” she added. “Diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Oman, which began in 1995, have now been widened into trade and investment relations in various fields.
“For so long, these economic ties mainly focused on import and export trade, mostly on agricultural products and livestock, as well as construction materials and processed food products,” added Yassin.

During the forum, investment opportunities in Oman will be spoken about by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as officials from the free zones in Sohar and Salalah. Furthermore, investment opportunities in Ethiopia for Omanis will also be showcased.

Source: Further Africa

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