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Mining Indaba partners Africa Oil Week and Africa Legal to launch the Extractives General Counsel Forum

Investing in African Mining Indaba (Mining Indaba), organised by Hyve Group Plc has just announced the launch of the Extractives General Counsel Forum Virtual, to be held in partnership with Africa Legal and Africa Oil Week, it will take place throughout 29-30 June 2021.

The Extractive General Counsel Forum will bring together leading in-house legal and compliance professionals from mining, oil and gas as well as the energy and renewables sector. It will navigate the complex and multi-layered regimes, drilling down into the complex world of the extractives legal sector.

“The conversation will be an opportunity to hear from experts in the extractives sector and start a conversation, better yet move to potential to collaborate on cutting legal and societal issues.” Says Co-Chair of the event and Founder and Director of Kalene Hill Resources, Jacqueline Musiitwa. “Prepare yourself to be challenged to use your various platforms to find solutions to some of the sector’s most pressuring issues.”

The expert speakers will discuss everything from growing expectations placed on General Counsels to industry trends. According to the press release sent by the forum organisers, some key topics include:

Same but different? – What are the ‘ties that bind’ the oil, gas and mining sectors in Africa? Why have the in-house legal communities across these industries not traditionally networked and shared best practice?

March towards Accountability – ESG, Climate-Related, Financial, Diversity, Community Impact… Our panel dissects various approaches and options in handling the disclosure burden.

Source: Further Africa

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