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Airtel Kenya and MyDawa have teamed up to provide quick access to medical services

Airtel Kenya has partnered with MyDawa, an ePharmacy platform, to provide subscribers with convenient and fast access to medications.

Subscribers to Airtel Money would be able to pay for medication, fitness, wellness, personal care, and other mendical services.

“This is a fantastic collaboration that will improve Kenyans’ access to healthcare products. Tony Wood, MD of MyDawa, says, “We are pleased to partner with Airtel, one of the country’s leading telecommunications service providers, to ensure that their subscribers have access to high-quality medical products in a convenient and affordable manner.”

“Free access to MyDawa’s services with no data charges encourages people to stay at home and relieves financial strain on families that are already stretched thin. This advantage, along with no distribution charges within Nairobi and the choice of using microfinance as a payment option, is all geared toward increasing access to vital services while they remain safe at home.”

“We are pleased to be in partnership with MyDawa because it gives our customers more power over their health and wellness while leveraging our technology,” says Prasanta Das Sarma, MD of Airtel Kenya.

They can easily order the items they need, pay with Airtel money, and have them delivered by professionals without having to worry about the cost of data used to access the website or app,” says the company.

Customers can expect deliveries to their homes or offices in less than 4 hours, with no delivery fees within the Nairobi Metropolitan region, according to Airtel. For medication, payment options include mobile money, credit or debit card, and health insurance.

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