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South African Airways aims to resume flights before September

South African Airways (SAA) aims to restart flights before September, the airline’s chief executive has said. However, the airline will closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and is also looking to resolve an ongoing pilot dispute before committing to a firm date.

South African Airways
The troubled airline hopes to resume flights before September this year. Photo: Airbus

South African looks to restart in July or August

After canceling all commercial operations in September last year, SAA is looking to resume flights before September this year. The airline has set a tentative target of July or August, although it will depend on the progression of the pandemic.

Additionally, SAA is currently dealing with a pilot dispute involving salary payment and proposed layoffs. The disagreement has been going on for months, with no resolution currently in sight. The airline plans to meet with pilots again today to arrive at a solution.

SAA bailout package
The airline is dealing with several issues that could affect the restart plan. Photo: Airbus

Chief Executive Thomas Kgokolo told a parliamentary committee,

“As a draft or as a proposal we are looking at July-August 2021. However, these dates come with some complexities, the issue of COVID-19 is something that we still need to consider … and there is a complex matter that we are dealing with of pilots as well.”

Source: Further Africa

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