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Mint Digital Bank Reaffirm Commitment to Revitalizing the Nigerian Banking Industry

As stated by the bank’s founders – Eze Amuchie, Nnazilim Egbuonu, and Obinna Ogbodo, Mint Digital Bank is currently the most accessible digital banking platform for Individuals MSMEs and Corporates, and our mission is “to simplify financial services for our customers and help them build financial independence”. 

While most banks are focused on profiting from their customers, Mint’s goal is to provide simplified financial services to everyday customers, both underserved and unbanked.  With the drive to lead in the technology space and be better positioned to solve customers’ problems quickly, we have been able to build products that successfully reflect this core idea.  

The bank intends to dedicate its resources towards increasing its customer base by the fourth quarter of 2022, with plans to expand across Africa. To achieve this, they are offering benefits that are not currently available in the Nigerian banking scene. With Mint Digital Bank, you can easily  open a bank account instantly in a minute, and get access to zero transfer fees, great customer service, up to 15% interest on savings, physical and virtual MasterCard, and Money Manager to track your expenses.”

Co-founder Nnazilim Egbuonu, who describes himself as a passionate tech-entrepreneur, speaking to reporters, revealed that the plan is to build Mint Digital Bank to become Africa’s most accessible digital banking platform for retail, small & medium scale enterprises, as well as corporate customers. Egbuonu who admitted to having a passion for start-up businesses said he looks forward to investing world-changing ideas into the fast-rising digital bank and redefining the digital banking system in Nigeria.

Egbuonu, a renowned business strategist, is also the co-founder of Travel Beta, one of Nigeria’s most successful travel agencies. In 2013, he also co-founded Oya.com.ng with Obinna Ogbodo. Oya was later acquired by Wakanow in 2015. Obinna Ogbodo is also the executive director of the online job portal, NG careers which was acquired by Jobberman.

As a Customer-centric brand, Mint Digital Bank always puts her customers first, in a bid to ease the process and improve the financial capacity of Nigerians, especially for Medium, Small businesses (MSMEs); Mint Digital Bank is collaborating with Haelsoft Digital Marketing Agency to set up a high-level digital marketing training for 2000 MSMEs in Nigeria. To register for the Digital Marketing Training, Click Here

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Mint Digital Bank Reaffirm Commitment to Revitalizing the Nigerian Banking Industry

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