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Kenya Adds Substation to its Growing Electricity Network

Kenya’s sole electricity off-taker, Kenya Power, has launched a 13/11kV substation in Mtondia, Kilifi County, representing the newest addition to the country’s growing network of power distribution.

The $2.3 million substation comprises four distribution lines and is expected to increase reliability to a growing customer base and provide a stable power supply to both the county and surrounding areas.

Through its Kenya Electricity Modernization Project, Kenya Power has invested $11.8 million towards expanding distribution networks in the region. The Mtondia substation is one of three new generation, transmission and distribution systems to be constructed within the Kilifi County – the other three include the Sbaki 33/11kV, Kaloleni 33/11kV and the Kokotoni 33/11kV substations.

“These new investments will improve the quality of power being supplied to the residents of Kilifi County and its environs given its exponential growth in the last eight years. Between 2013 and now, Kilifi County has registered a 260% growth in customer numbers, from 51,821 households to the current 186,403 households. This has seen access improve from 21% to 71%,” stated Bernard Ngugi, Managing Director and CEO, Kenya Power.

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