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ZOLA Electric boosts access to solar with robust distribution scheme …signs Blue Camel as a distribution partner to drive market penetration

Already, ZOLA Electric has signed into their distribution network some of the leading distributors of solar and renewable products across Nigeria and has opened its doors to onboard even more. Blue Camel, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions including PV panels, solar streetlights, solar home systems, and a major distributor for global solar brands, was recently signed into the scheme. Blockchain, Black bit Solar, Shokenny Solutions, Enersys Energy,  Solarmate Energy, and SOSAI Renewables are already in different stages of the distribution partnership.  

Almost half the population has no access to electricity. The rest of the Nigerian  population is grossly underserved by the electricity grid. As a result, diesel  generators are the default source of power, with an estimated 100 million  people currently relying on diesel generators each day (GTM, 2019).  According to Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA, 2017), the use of  these generators collectively costs Nigeria’s households and businesses  nearly USD 14 billion every year, while the Energy to Access Institute (Dalberg,  2019) estimates that fuel subsidies for small gasoline-powered generators cost  the government USD 1.6-2.2 billion each year. Besides the economic costs,  diesel generators entail significant health risks including lung disorders caused  by emissions, as well as environmental risks including air and noise pollution.  Diesel generators produce about 29 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions  each year in Nigeria, a total comparable to the annual emissions from 6.3  million passenger vehicles. 

Signing on distribution partners will contribute significantly to help bridge the  electricity supply deficit by expanding access to ZOLA’s innovative power  solutions across the country. 

The move by the brand, which currently serves over one million users across three continents in over ten countries, is part of its efforts to boost its current market operation, as well as provide reliable power solutions to markets that lack energy access and make it possible for homes and businesses across  Africa and anywhere in the world to generate, store and consume energy sustainably.

Adebimpe Adebisi, Business Development Manager, ZOLA Electric Nigeria; Olumide Ajayi, Group Director, Technical Operations, ZOLA Electric; Enobong Kennedy, Group Marketing Director, ZOLA Electric; Olufemi Ashipa, Ag. Managing Director, ZOLA Electric Nigeria and Natasha Amaefuna, Business Development Manager, ZOLA Electric during the ZOLA Electric Media Meet at the ZOLA Experience Centre in Lagos on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Commenting on the development, the Ag. Managing Director, ZOLA Electric  Nigeria, Olufemi Ashipa, said; “The solar space in Nigeria has come a long way from the days of using dirty and expensive power resources to clean energy sources, offering modular and scalable technology. Since many customers do not have existing appliances, ZOLA is able to offer a closed-loop system that guarantees a certain baseline of performance and runtime. At ZOLA, we are driven by the desire to provide Africa’s most extensive off-grid renewable differentiated power solutions to people anywhere. We understand that power  is pivotal to accelerating the overall socio-economic development of the  continent, so we have designed the ZOLA Infinity and ZOLA Flex, for this  purpose.” 

He added that: “The ZOLA power solutions help to provide customers with steady electricity supply in any situation. The ZOLA technology-driven solutions backed with superior power storage and dynamic energy charging system were conceived at Oxford University and designed in Silicon Valley. They are easy to install, scalable, and help the average home or business bridge their power deficit. 

“With ZOLA currently powering more than 1 million people; comprising over  200,000 homes and businesses across Tanzania, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire,  Ghana, and Nigeria, we are poised to actualise our objective providing 24  hour clean power anywhere and help the continent realise her untapped  potentials.” 


ZOLA Electric is the leading renewable energy technology company in Africa and our overarching purpose is to help our end-user and distributor customers power homes and businesses and stay connected with clean, affordable, and reliable Power Anywhere. By providing affordable and accessible distributed smart storage + solar technology, ZOLA helps the average home or business leapfrog the grid.  

ZOLA designs distributed renewable energy solutions based on the latest in  smart storage, solar and power electronics technology. Adaptable to energy  needs and income. 

Starting out 8 years ago by providing solar home solutions to off-grid rural communities in Tanzania, ZOLA has evolved into a technology company whose products can solve an energy access problem. We partner with leading companies to distribute our products globally. 

ZOLA powers more than 1 million people each day and more than 200,000  homes and businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa. ZOLA is a recipient of the  UNFCCC Momentum for Change Award and the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Source: Techcabal

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