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Ntisa Unveils Retail Management Solution for Every Small Business

Ntisa Limited, a cloud technology company that builds software applications for small businesses today unveiled ntisa, a retail management solution aimed at automating and eliminating the challenge of business record keeping confronting most small business owners.

Speaking at the product unveiling event, Ifeanyi Amah, founder and Chief Strategist of Ntisa limited revealed that the “ntisa brand is a result of the discovery of the challenges faced by most small businesses who had challenges serving their customers during the lockdown period of COVID 19”. According to him, “it was clear that there was a gap in the market, and the challenge was how to find a solution to bridge that gap for the good of the business owners”.

Ntisa is a brand built by Nigerians with strong global expertise. The word “ntisa” in Igbo means to disrupt which underlines the brand essence which is to ‘scatter’ the old inefficient way of doing things by replacing that with modern technology-driven methodologies to help business owners better organize their operations to grow customers and become profitable.

Ntisa, as a retail management solution, will address significant concerns of business owners such as daily record keeping, management of stock, tracking of delivery and customer relationship management. Thus, the ntisa platform has multiple interfaces that can serve the needs of various types of small businesses including restaurants, grocery shops, boutiques, logistics/courier companies, toy and drinks and any other specialty of small retail business.

Speaking on the concept of Ntisa, Ifeanyi said “we set out to create an affordable, very easy to use and ubiquitous solution for every small business”. We believe that simple and powerful can co-exist without the need for expensive hardware which means that any smart device is good enough to operate ntisa.

Emphasizing the origin of the brand alongside the conceptualization, Ifeanyi says we took cognizance of our environment in developing ntisa and it resulted in the development of a product that allows our customer to utilize our solution even in remote areas without broadband or internet access. This is possible because the system can operate offline when there is no internet until they can have access to synchronise.

Our claim of a retail solution is drawn from the quality of the features of ntisa for consistent management of retail processes across any channel, taking businesses digital to thousands of merchants by publishing any company on the platform and their products on the ntisa e-commerce mobile App that is available for Android-based and Apple (IOS) mobile phones. Ntisa also maintains a 360-degree view of customer orders and payment while simplifying retail operations using common user-friendly features.

Based on the heritage of the visioner of the business, ntisa was inherently designed to ensure that the security of the platform as well as data privacy are built-in in line with global best practices. 

Ifeanyi informed that ntisa is an enabler of business growth with the report and analytics feature that provides valuable insights to customers and store performance with the opportunity of customized integration to other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram as well as e-commerce portals of businesses that already have one.

Source: Techcabal

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