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Angola – New Regulation on Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Marketing of Electricity

The Angolan Government has published the Presidential Decree No. 76/21, of 25 March 2021, approving the legal framework applicable to the generation, transmission, distribution, and marketing of Electricity, repealing all inconsistent legislation, such as the Electricity Generation Regulations, approved by Decree No. 47/01, of 20 July 2001, and the Electricity Distribution Regulations, approved by Decree No. 45/01, of 13 July 2001.

Among other matters, the new Regulation classifies electricity generation linked to the Public Electricity System as being under general or special regimes, the latter understood as being subject to special rules within the scope of the new Regulation, notably electricity generation through renewable resources and in isolated systems.

The Presidential Decree also published the Bases for the Electricity Generation Concession, Bases for the Concession of the National Electricity Transmission Grid, and Bases for the Concession of Electricity Distribution Grids. The new Regulation entered into force on 25 March 2021.

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