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A solar park a day keeps climate change away, but can we do it?

The International Energy Agency’s latest report has certainly got the energy sector talking and asking whether or not we can actually achieve the goals being set in the Net Zero 2050 Roadmap. The roadmap has made bold statements and is calling for immediate and drastic action to curb climate change. In a world focused on COVID-19 recovery, and frustrated by red tape and sluggish policy frameworks, it seems an almost insurmountable task. Or is it? Take a look at what key industry players are saying in response to the report.

Fatih Birol, IEA executive director, describes the opportunity for net zero emissions by 2050 as “narrow but still achievable” and says the roadmap shows the priority actions that are needed to ensure it is not lost. Said Birol: “The scale and speed of the efforts demanded by this critical and formidable goal – our best chance of tackling climate change and limiting global warming to 1.5 °C – make this perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced,” he says.

Jonathan Maxwell, CEO of Sustainable Development Capital LLP, investor in energy efficiency said: “We welcome The IEA’s roadmap to net zero which names energy efficiency as a key pillar in tackling climate change and achieving net-zero by 2050. Due to inefficiencies in generation and distribution most of the energy provided to buildings, which use 40% of the world’s energy, can be lost before it reaches its end use. Generating clean energy is only one side of the coin, we must also reduce the energy we waste and use what we produce more efficiently. After all, the cleanest energy is always the energy we don’t use.”

Source: EsiAfrica

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