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Namibia interested in investing in Angola’s agricultural sector

Namibia is interested in investing in the agricultural sector in Angola, to take advantage of the existing potential in terms of arable land.

The intention was expressed by the ambassador of the neighbouring country to Angola, Patrick Nandago, while speaking to the press at the end of a visit to the Commercial Port of Namibe.

The diplomat acknowledged that in addition to arable land, Angola has a lot of water that must be used well for the development of large-scale agriculture.

He added that Namibians also want to invest in tourism, with a view to exploring and capitalizing on the resources that Angola has.

Patrick Nandago started Monday a three-day visit to the province of Namibe, with trips to the municipalities of Bibala, Virei and Tômbwa.

During his stay in Namibe, the Namibian ambassador will learn of the operation of the Moçâmedes Railways and the Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences.

Source: Furtherafrica

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