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Ugandan college student takes computer science education back home

Gloria Tumushabe’s engineering and computer science studies at the University of California, Berkeley were funded entirely by a full scholarship, but she believes that far too many others in her home country in Uganda are left behind.During the pandemic lockdown, Tumushabe decided to work on a side project.“When I got the letter saying I got into Berkeley and that I got a scholarship,” Tumushabe said, “I felt like I won the lottery.” “I’m not sure I slept.”In Uganda, 77% of the population is under the age of 25. She stated that opportunities are scarce, especially for women.“It’s still really traditional in many households. The woman is in charge of more house chores, laundry, and other duties “she saidThe pandemic has put many of those who do go to school behind. One of them is Martha Atwine.“I essentially had to stay at home and do housework as a kid,” Atwine explained. “In a pandemic, that’s all I could do.”Tumushabe, on the other hand, wanted to help from afar.“I figured now would be a good time to start teaching and really inspire these people to learn computer science,” she explained.

Source: Further Africa

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