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Exploring effects of climate change on Africa’s energy transition

The African Climate Foundation will celebrate Africa Day on 25 May by launching its Strategic Framework which will capture the continent’s thinking around climate funding.

The ACF is the first African-led strategic climate change re-granting foundation on the continent. Building on the success of partner organisations, the ACF was established to provide a mechanism through which philanthropies can contribute to Africa’s climate change response strategies.

The ACF Strategic Framework has been created out of a year of extensive research and engagement. It has been informed and shaped by the knowledge and experience of a network of African scholars, practitioners, decision makers and activities who have been engaged throughout the process.

Saliem Fakir, ACF executive director said the Framework has been designed as a living and directional document meant to capture current thinking and approaches to climate change and development in Africa. “This will allow us to build a pipeline of initiative in Africa, which in the coming years, the ACF hopes to make strategic investments. African countries need to carve out new routes to development that are alive to both their unique conditions and new global realities.

He added: “At the core of the ACF’s strategy is that responding to climate change requires Africa to change the way it things about development.”

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Source: EsiAfrica

Exploring effects of climate change on Africa’s energy transition

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