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Atlas Oranto Evolves into Integrated Indigenous Player

As Nigeria’s largest privately-held, Africa-focused exploration and production group, Atlas Petroleum International and Oranto Petroleum have come to define the role of the indigenous African explorer. The Group boasts an extensive footprint across the continent, including 22 oil and gas licenses and producing assets in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. On top of its contributions to crude output is the Group’s commitment to extending social and economic benefits of resource extraction to local communities in which it operates. From Uganda’s Lake Albert region to the coasts of the Gulf of Guinea, the Atlas Oranto Group has consistently engaged with indigenous communities and supported local initiatives in education, agriculture, business and SME development. Now, the company is looking to apply its long-standing model of sustainability to environmental stewardship and the facilitation of a uniquely African energy transition.

In Equatorial Guinea, the Group’s exploration portfolio is anchored by a production hub in Block I – home to the Aseng oil and gas condensate fields, as well as an extension of the Alen gas condensate field from Block O. The two blocks are the site of the multi-million-dollar Alen gas monetization project, which achieved first gas in March and represents the first step toward realizing Equatorial Guinea’s vision to become a regional gas mega-hub. By establishing several offshore gas hubs and pooling neighboring supply, the mega-hub aims to monetize stranded gas reserves, develop gas-based downstream industries, create jobs and spur industrial growth in the process.

As an indigenous explorer, the Atlas Oranto Group distinguishes itself from international operators by adopting a collaborative approach to host countries to deliver long-term benefits. This involves formulating contracts that are tailored to the needs of its partners and host countries to assist in the sustainable development of assets, as well as engaging with local communities to identify, assess and monitor the ongoing impact of its activities. The company’s local content percentages are robust, and Atlas Oranto seeks to hire, train and promote the nationals of the countries in which it operates, as well as conduct ongoing skills development and knowledge transfer programs.

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