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Wi-Fi access will be expanded across Sub-Saharan Africa through Eutelsat and Facebook

In collaboration with Facebook, Eutelsat Communications is extending its use of the Express Wi-Fi network aimed at providing broadband services through satellite throughout many territories in Sub-Saharan Africa.Eutelsat hopes to link thousands of people in rural and underserved communities across the DRC, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, and Zimbabwe with Express Wi-Fi.Express Wi-Fi is a Facebook Connectivity platform that allows partners to scalable build, expand, and monetize their Wi-Fi businesses while providing easy, affordable, and reliable internet access to their customers.“We are delighted to partner with Facebook in this ambitious scheme, aimed at bringing more people online in the most underserved areas of Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Philippe Baudrier, General Manager of Konnect Africa. This project exemplifies the potential of satellite communication to bridge the digital divide while providing unrivaled economic and social benefits. We are proud to once again use EUTELSAT KONNECT’s unrivaled coverage to meet this increasing demand.”Facebook’s Head of Connectivity Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa, Fargani Tambeayuk, said, “We’re committed to working with partners to help improve connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, which continues to be the region with the highest coverage gap.”“Access to work, schooling, healthcare, and other services is dependent on connectivity. We’re excited to team up with Eutelsat to bring the Express Wi-Fi network and EUTELSAT KONNECT together to expand satellite broadband coverage across Sub-Saharan Africa’s rural and underserved areas.”Eutelsat and Facebook have already conducted promising pilots in rural and underserved areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), allowing local businesses to provide consumers with pre-paid internet access.Thousands of people in the DRC now have access to affordable broadband thanks to Eutelsat’s use of the Express Wi-Fi network.Express Wi-Fi is used in over 30 countries, including several Asian, South American, and African markets, allowing millions of people to link to the internet through Wi-Fi.

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Wi-Fi access will be expanded across Sub-Saharan Africa through Eutelsat and Facebook

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