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Lagos gets 1000MW per day electricity allocation

Lagos state alone gets an allocation of 1000megawatts per day, according to data from the state’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

According to the Ministry, the 1000MW allocation gets distributed for not more than 12 hours on the average daily.

The update contained in the ‘Electricity Policy Consultation Paper’ released by the state explained that energy supply was Lagos’ single biggest infrastructural and developmental challenge, adding that the Lagos State Electricity Board found that 15,000MW of the estimated 45,000MW of alternative power supply in Nigeria were generated within Lagos.

Although total power generation in the country amounts to 5000MW however, recent findings by SweetcrudeReports puts generation at below 3000MW per day. During the administration of former power minister, Babatunde Fashola, generation had attained 7000MW at some point, however, inadequate transmission capacity could wield just 5000MW.

The document further revealed that 69 percent of households in the state are currently off the grid, adding that the state plans to create an Independent System Operator to operate its own transmission grid.

According to him, although the grid will be separate, however, it will be connected to the national grid, while the IRP would be directed towards areas of the state not covered by the national grid.

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Source: SweetCrudeReports

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