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Offshore wind energy technical services

Providing independent technical advisory, software, certification, testing and inspection services to the offshore wind energy industry.

Offshore wind farm development presents its own set of unique challenges. Limited access to onsite hub-height wind resource measurements makes it more difficult to fully characterise the wind resource in offshore environments.

Overcoming this challenge requires a variety of creative solutions.

From wind resource and energy assessment to oceanographic studies to wind farm layout and design, your project’s success is our priority. UL’s offshore team specialises in the management and integration of the multidisciplinary aspects of offshore wind development and has designed and assessed more than 200,000 megawatts of wind and solar projects, both on land and offshore.

Technical advisory

In the offshore and coastal development arenas, our technical advisory group designs and implements offshore wind resource assessments and metocean studies, including met tower design and review.

UL employs innovative measurement approaches using buoys, fixed and floating platforms, and remote-sensing technologies for wind measurement and atmospheric characterisation. We are also a leader in offshore studies that are paving the way for the development of a viable offshore industry in the United States, including cost-benefit analyses, industry data needs assessments and the evaluation of new technologies

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