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NUPENG kicks against subsidy removal

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers, NUPENG has condemned advice by Presidential Economic Advisory Committee, PEAC on subsidy removal, describing it as “suicidal”.

General Secretary, NUPENG, Olawale Afolabi, in a reaction said implementing the advice would further endanger the poor masses, citing the current bad economic situation of Nigeria.

“Within the current context of hardship in the country, it is suicidal to remove subsidy now. It is highly suicidal within the current situation,” he said.

The group’s reaction comes following PEAC advice that President Muhammadu Buhari should remove subsidy on petrol and adopt a pricing regime that reflects the cost of the commodity.

According to him, NUPENG supports full deregulation of the downstream oil industry devoid of petroleum product imports.

“Deregulation is desirable in the downstream sector but we cannot deregulate within the context of importation. We have always been saying that domestic production is the way to go.

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