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Gozem announces the launch of a taxi booking service in Gabon

Gozem, the super app that is already available in a number of West African cities, has launched a taxi booking service in Libreville.

All Gabonese people can now use the Gozem app, which is available for free on Android and iOS, to take trips around the country’s capital.

Gozem’s mission is to use its unique digital ecosystem to simplify and enrich the lives of various stakeholders.

For example, in Libreville, its taxi cab booking service makes it simple for users to get around the city while also allowing drivers to earn a living.

Customers simply open the app, enter their address, choose their destination, and place their order; the nearest accessible Gozem driver will arrive to pick them up.

Using GPS technology, the app determines the price based on the distance traveled at the end of the trip, removing the need to haggle.

After that, the user can pay with cash, Airtel Money or Moov Money, or a credit card. This is a watershed moment in Libreville’s transportation market.

“We’re very excited to begin operations in Gabon with a simplified, safer, and more convenient taxi booking solution,” says the company. We are optimistic that this breakthrough will provide real value to Gabonese passengers and drivers.”

Gozem Gabon’s Deputy Country Manager, Cecilia Kouna, said, “We’ll continue to add value by widening the range of services Gozem provides in Gabon to include delivery services and more.”

Gabon is Gozem’s third African nation, and the company’s first outside of West Africa.

Gozem provides motorcycle taxis, tricycle taxis, and grocery, gas bottle, and meal delivery in Togo and Benin, in addition to regular car taxis. The app was launched in 2018 with the aim of providing world-class services to a wide range of African populations through the use of mobile, GPS, and other technologies.

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