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Angola and Netherlands discussing cooperation

The Permanent Representative of Angola to the United Nations Agencies in Rome, Maria de Fátima Jardim, Wednesday received her counterpart from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Hans Hoogeveen, with whom she discussed multilateral and bilateral issues.At the meeting, which took place at the Angolan Embassy in Italy, the Dutch diplomat talked about his candidature to the post of Independent Chairman of FAO’s Council and would like Angola, as an important country at the United Nations Agencies in Rome, to support it.There are three candidates that presented candidacy proposals, two from Europe, the Ambassadors of Netherlands and Hungary, and one from Latin America, the Ambassador of Dominican Republic.In a note, the Press Service of the Angolan Embassy in Italy, states that Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen has represented the Netherlands at United Nations Organisations in Rome since 2016, and in that capacity is Chairman of the FAO Programme Committee and has chaired several Conventions and Conferences.

Source: Further Africa

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