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Vodafone and Google Cloud have joined forces to develop industry-first global data analytics platform

Vodafone and Google Cloud have announced a new six-year strategic partnership to accelerate the use of accurate and stable data analytics, insights, and learnings to enable the simultaneous global launch of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers.Vodafone and Google Cloud will collaborate to create a powerful new integrated data platform with the added capability of processing and transferring large amounts of data globally from various systems into the cloud, as part of a major extension of their current agreement.The network, dubbed ‘Nucleus,’ will house a new system called ‘Dynamo,’ which will push data across Vodafone, allowing it to deliver new, personalised products and services to consumers more efficiently across different markets.Vodafone will be able to tailor new networking technologies for homes and businesses using Dynamo by releasing smart network features such as a sudden increase in broadband speed.Both Nucleus and Dynamo, which are industry firsts, are capable of processing about 50 terabytes of data each day, which is equivalent to 25,000 hours of HD film (and growing).They are being developed in-house by Vodafone and Google Cloud specialist teams.The project involves up to 1,000 workers from all firms in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.Vodafone customers around the world will have a deeper and more enhanced experience by generating more detailed knowledge and data-driven analysis through the organization and through its partners.

Source: Tech Gist

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