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SMEs in South Africa can now register for FedEx Express accounts online

In South Africa, FedEx Express, a FedEx Corp subsidiary, has launched a web-based account registration portal.SMEs, companies, and individuals will be able to open an account on the new platform with their credit card and begin shipping their products and merchandise to customers.FedEx’s new platform aims to act as a catalyst in supporting local businesses and connecting them with more customers, as SMEs are vital to economic development in South Africa.The latest platform, according to Kami Viswanathan, marketing vice president of FedEx Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, aims to simplify the logistics process for SMEs.“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our online account registration platform in South Africa, which streamlines shipping and logistics for small businesses and individual customers. “The platform enables them to build a shipment request in a few simple steps, saving time and allowing SMEs to concentrate more on their customers,” said Kami Viswanathan, marketing vice president for FedEx Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA).The online portal gives SMEs instant access to the FedEx global network, allowing them to reach out to more customers. The Ship More, Save More scheme, which is part of the platform, allows SMEs to earn discounts while shipping goods to customers.SMEs will be able to ship their goods to customers and receive discounts for doing so, enabling business owners to reduce costs and save on logistics expenses by registering on the platform.Users will simply register on FedEx and press the “Send More, Save More” banner to begin shipping right away once all of the registration requirements have been met.In the first three months, customers who build an account and ship using the FedEx online account registration platform will automatically receive a discount.

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